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Realizing there is more to being a teenage boy than playing football and day-dreaming about girls, Dylan recalls his childhood journeys into the woods around his island home where his imagination once made anything possible. Sheltered by shadows, beside the trunks of giant trees, a seductive high school classmate teaches Dylan more than he can possibly understand about himself, about lust, and how he just might be able to fly. His determination to find out the truth behind his classmate’s alluring power leads him directly into her hands, where his innocence unlocks her heart. But the price Dylan will have to pay is greater than he can imagine.. To spread his wings, Dylan will have to lose what he wants most.

The first in an upcoming series, Smoke Tastes Like Fire chronicles the nightly explorations of a group of high schoolers led by the mysterious nature of their “Fairy Queen”. Through wooded acres and obscure buildings on a rain-soaked island in the Pacific Northwest, inside the mystery of the adolescent heart, magic and jealousy set fire to the impossible. This story lifts the reader above the clouds and dares you not to fall.

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