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"These poems fly by the seat of their images and carry the reader into new precincts: permission granted to read deeply and associatively, and to reconsider the 'shoulds' of poetry. It has always been the variant, wild, serious voices that have gifted us, Yaeger's writing is just such a gift."


-Kate Knapp Johnson, author, Wind Somewhere, and Time

“There may be no greater mirror to ourselves than nature itself. We emulate it, we learn from its universal wisdom, we worship its beauty and strength. Treat it well, we may not always do, much like we mistreat ourselves. These poems reveal the playful side of this relationship, envisioning the sensuality that exists in the long stem of a flower, the fragrance of a blossom, and what happens when we ourselves become a player in this most natural of kingdoms.”


-Anonymous reviewer

Spring Unbuttons the Trees shimmers with mystical cadence and dreamlike tranquility. Each poem is aromatic as spring itself, bringing lilting images to life through the ethereal allusion and luxuriant verse. Poignant and subtle all at once, this collection seeps readers in a world of flowers, trees, and passion—reverie that is an enchanting read for those who enjoy visions of Nature, paeans of Love, and inspiring Poetry.”


-Clarabelle, poet, Fae




“Antony’s work is wrought with strong, metaphorical imagery and shows a great attention to craft. His poems are emotionally courageous, fluid, finely and seamlessly structured. But most importantly, Antony has a voice that is immediately recognizable, and unmistakably his.”


-Laure-Anne Bosselaar, author, A New Hunger

“Oltrarno marks the entrance of a young artist who is destined to be on of America’s influential poets. It is a book of art and poetry for the future.”


-Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr., poet




“Antony Yaeger, in his beautiful second book of poetry, continues to draw our attention to what exists underneath skin, crust, surface, and bones into the inner realms of his passionate, open, loving spirit. I can not wait to read his work when he is old and grey.”


-Linda Wolf, co-author, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun

“an original voice, and an unusually unbridled spirit – great poems can come from him. I look forward to them.”


-Marie Howe, author, The Kingdom of Ordinary Time

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